Spontaneous Films is a full service production company that offers script to screen services.  With over 15 years of experience, we work hard to maintain our client's goals from inception to completion.  We do this by being cost conscious, utilizing our creative team, and having strategic alliances with other freelance individuals, companies and organizations dedicated to motion media production.  We take great pride in producing extraordinary results!  

Fernando Del Rio


Fernando Del Rio, founder and president of the company, is an accomplished director of photography and an award winning producer and director.  He brings experience and dedication to each project. Communicating a powerful and compelling message through the craft of film and video is his forte. 

Michelle Hildebrand

(Assistant Producer)

Michelle Hildebrand is a woman of all trades and has had a working relationship with Fernando for 20 years.  Her well rounded experience and driven creativity make her indispensable at Spontaneous Films.  

Michelle Hildebrand




We work closely with our clients providing consistency of your message throughout the entire production process to ensure a smooth transition from script to screen. Our teams of producers can help develop your project by planning and developing your designed message. We provide support for hiring crew, securing locations, talent coordination, logistics and many other pre-production services. 



With over 15 years of producing outstanding content for our clients, Spontaneous Films insures that we will visualize your message.  We do this by providing direction and consistency of message throughout the entire production process.  Our production teams work in many different types of video production genres and provide custom made services for your production needs. 


Post Production

Our editing team puts it all together to deliver your message consistently in our editing bay conveniently located 10 minutes North West of downtown Austin. We use systems such as Adobe, Avid, Apple and other editing graphic design and illustration programs.  Spontaneous Films also provides custom or sound library music, voice over talent, voice recording studio space, and many additional services.


Spontaneous Films offers a wide variety of  video camera packages. We custom tailor each camera package for our client's needs. We offer the latest camera systems and camera support available  including motion control, jib arms, camera cranes, camera car, and steadicam, drones and much more. We also offer grip and lighting packages to suit any need. Our producers oversee the entire process of production  quality control.